Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore

The Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore is located in Via dei Tribunali and is one of the oldest churches in the city, dating from the twelfth century.

It’s history begins in 1235 when Pope Gregory IX granted to Naples the construction of a facility dedicated to San Lorenzo.

Since 1270 Carlo I d’Angiò began to participate with large grants for construction of the temple, which eventually resulted in a mixture of French Gothic and Franciscan style. French architects, in fact, devoted to the realization of the apse, only example in Italy, while moving towards the aisles there is more akin to the Italian style, a sign that in the course of subsequent developments, the construction of the church was entrusted to local designers.

Over the centuries the structure has undergone many changes, partly because of the earthquakes that hit the area. Moreover, since the sixteenth century were added works Baroque to cover the original appearance: the floor was covered with bricks, columns decorated with stucco, arches and Gothic windows were resized and frescoes whitewashed. Fortunately, from 1882 until the twentieth century, the numerous renovations have taken steps to eliminate these additions, except for the facade and the counter, by Ferdinando Sanfelice, Cacace chapel and San Antonio, work by Cosimo Fanzago.