Duomo of Naples

Dedicated to Madonna dell’Assunta, although popularly named after San Gennaro, the Cathedral was built by Carlo II d’Angiò at the end of the thirteenth century. on the site of the church of Santa Stefania and at the Basilica of St. Restituta. The Cathedral was repeatedly rearranged. The facade was restored in its present form pseudogothic design by E. Alvino, then amended by Pisanti.

The original building retains three portals: the median, full of sculptures, a Madonna and Child by Tino Camaino and lyons of the school of Nicola Pisano.

The interior has a Latin cross, is a three naves: the median, covered by a sumptuous wooden ceiling, features paintings by L. Giordano. In the nave of ds. there is the Chapel of San Gennaro or the Treasury (1608-37) built for a vote pronounced by the Neapolitans January 13, 1527 (Feast of St. Gennaro) for preventing the damage of the plague.

The Chapel Greek cross with dome, elegant and bright, rich in works of art, is like a church apart from being one of the greatest expressions of the seventeenth-century style in Naples: it is kept in the reliquary bust of St. Gennaro Giulio Finelli , a masterpiece of Gothic sculpture.